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Dahvie Vanity Life biography

Dahvie Vanity is spoken on the lips of most sex-crazed and music-loving teens, quickly flattering a household name. Following the trends of such internet celebrities as Jeffree Star and Matthew Lush, the number of friends on his personal, public and band MySpace profiles grows prolifically each day. But who is this guy?

Dahvie Vanity is the frontman of the increasingly popular electronic band ‘Blood on the Dancefloor’. His scene aesthetic and sex appeal is demonstrated through the music and identifies with teens around the globe. Both Dahvie and his music are fittingly described as glam.

Not only is he in a band, but he is a Tigi trained hairdresser, with the ability to cut, dye and style hair. Additionally he fashions clip-in hair extensions and advertises both his services and products on his public MySpace page. It is this that has earned him the alias of ‘Elite Hair God’. Dahvie has not allowed internet stardom to spoil him, remaining very fan-oriented. Regularly does he post bulletins and blog entries addressed to the fans and replies to a lot of the fan mail that he receives. Despite the controversial portrayed about his person, Dahvie remains friendly, down-to-earth and glamorous.